Investors & Stake Holders

NFC was established in 1989 by a group of investors who have high financial and credit experience through  their investments and practical experience which has contributed to the formulation of successful strategic plans, for the three decades and looks forward to continuing to lead the company to along horizon that ensures the company’s growth and maintaining the market share appropriate to the size of their investment.

NFC is proud of its ownership of the headquarters of the company’s general management which is located in one of the most important strategic locations in Riyadh.

Members of the Board of Directors were  selected for the session beginning  on 22/08/1438

  1. Mr. Badr bin Yusuf Al-Hamdan

  2. Mr. Mohammed bin AbdulazizAlsabeq

  3. Mr. Sami bin Uthman Al-Rashid

  4. Mr. Abdullah bin Sultan Al-Sultan

  5. Mr. Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Al-Abdulkader

  6. Mr. Talal bin Umar Al-Akkad

Our vision

Our Values

Unbiased and fair treatment

The founders believe that unbiased and fair treatment with the customers in every level of the relationship is the core idea behind building the company and the critical need for a company in that time that provides fair and just financial solutions and services for customers who couldn't find it elsewhere was the reason the company started.


The company's commitment to transparency towards the customers, investors and employees is of one of its core values



In "National" we believe that rapid change in the market is caused by the rapid change in consumer behavior, that's why we always motivate our staff to share their ideas and be innovative continuously through internal programs that rewards every idea embracing one of the core values "innovation"


Passion of service: & Quality in providing

In “National" providing high quality service is not enough but we also provide it professionally to our customers with "Passion"


Our Staff:

National assures on attracting an academic qualified staff who specializes in a highly personal and artistic skill to insure loyalty in company duties towards the customers, commitment to the values and achieving high quality in services provided.

Also, National is working on developing "National's Future" Which is a program started in collaboration with the Human Resources Fund aiming to create and develop a new Saudi generation, pushing it towards a clear career path to lead the company in 10 years. This program is considered one of the important plans and initiatives of "National" to cope with the Saudi Arabian 2030 vision.

Why us

National finance company (NFC) that has specialized in providing various products and offering services in accordance with the principles of Islamic sharia since 1989 with a paid up  capital of SR 250,000,000. All of our customers have invested in their capabilities and expertise to continually develop products to suit the needs of customers and exceed their expectation s–the team at (NFC) is passionate about excellence and competitiveness in providing the highest quality to our customers.

We aim at all segments of society in (NFC) and in the belief of the team important of the arrival of our products to all components of the society and this goal was behind the label of National finance company.

Over the past three decades (NFC) has been honored to offer products to individuals, both Saudi nationals and multinational and has been able to design products that suit the needs of Islamic sharia, providing these products quickly and flexibly is considered by our customers as one of the most important feature of (NFC).

We have not only be able to offer products to individuals, but we have gone beyond that to offer multiple products suitable for all sector in the Saudi market. We are provide that for three decades we have been partners in the success of decades. We have been partners in the success of distinguished groups of market makers in various sectors such as ( health, education, trade, development, investment , transportation, import and export) .


Our clients in small business have become prominent in the market today and still believe that (NFC) understands their needs and meets their business growth and expansion of (our clients massage).

We have not only been in (NFC) product development. But we have also been keen to find channels of expansion of five areas in (Riyadh, Jeddah, Eastern province, Abha and Qassim )

In addition to the opening of multiple channels commensurate with the desire of customers and correspond to the developments in the world of technology and the development of electronic platforms of the company to interact with the wishes of customers and ensure the delivery of services to them in the same degree of quality obtained by customer from the branch .

Since the idea of setting up the company and the establishment in the industry has started the structure finance sector services multiple segments of the Saudi market – in an innovative and organized manner governed by transparency of the fairness in dealing, the ultimate goal of some of the founders was to see the importance of having financing companies that take the initiative to offer multiple products and catering services in line with the principles of Islamic sharia .


National finance company started and the goal turned into a vision, with in short time. (NFC) was able to launch several initiatives to regulate the sector starting with the joint list initiative for defaulting customers and ending with obtaining the license to practice activity from the Saudi Arabian monetary agency.

The principles and values of (NFC) has been and remains the bedrock for the sustainability of the success and continuous growth of the company, including the national steadily launched because these principles and path identified the paths of the relationships between( NFC) and its employs, and the most important assets employees and through this relationship was the biggest guarantee of the company’s commitment to its obligations towards the most important investment relationship with customers,.


NFC obligations

NFC is committed to continue to deliver the highest quality services to its customers and to keep abreast of developments in the market the create new opportunities of the growth and prosperity of our customers, and continue to find financing solutions of our customers and always be the first choice for their customers.


NFC is committed to provide these services in all its branches and distribution channels with the same degree of quality in believing that is a professional team selected to participate in the success of the company very carefully.


NFC is committed to the level of growth, stability and sustainability and to a chive the planned financial targets strategically.

NFC will continuously maintain its handling of every think that the company is going though with absolute transparency and will abide by the highest standards of compliance with the laws and regulations of all concerned partiers is the largest investment of NFC


Chairman of Board of Directors

Abdullah Sultan Al-Sultan

  • Do you provide an installment or rent system?

    • The product that is currently available to individuals is the leasing ended with ownership


  • Can I obtain real estate financing?

    • Only commercial real estate financing can be obtained


  • Is it required for individuals to grantor?

    • No grantor is needed


  • Is there a down payment? And is there a final payment

    • Yes, there is a down payment, but we currently don't approve final payment systems


  • Can cash be obtained?

    • Currently there is no tawarroq product, but will be offering soon a tawarroq product that provides suitable financial solutions for customers.

  • is it possible to have a wife or a brother as a joint applicant?

    • Only the wife can be a joint applicant.


  • Is it accepted to finance used cars?

    • Yes, on condition the car is no older than 5 years’


  • Do you fund companies and individuals?

    • The company's programs are designed to serve individuals and businesses.


  • What entities do you accept ?

    • All the government sector's entities (civil / military) and the private sector's entities


  • What are your approved dealerships?

    • All dealerships and agencies


  • What the national finance company provides?

    • We offer financing of easy installments with the leasing ended with ownership scheme for individuals and businesses so that the installments are commensurate with the income and obligations of customer. We provide all types of goods from new / used cars, trucks, heavy equipment to institutions, medical and engineering equipment.


  • Can I use National Finance services without vesting the branch?

    • Our customers can currently submit purchase orders for individuals and institutions through the website, which allows the customers to sign up to view their orders and print their financial statements too.


  • We are currently working on developing the website to include a lot of services needed by the customer such as issuance of authorization, query on the date of installment and access to new financing.


  • I have a current premium, can I get a fund?

    • Yes, depending on the size of current obligations and the customer's credit records


  • How much is the minimum salary you accept?

    • The minimum salary of the customer that we accept is SAR 4,000.